NBC Requirements

Important Fire Door’s Requirement as per New 2005 Revised National Building Code of India-Part 4

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2.13 A way out leading to an escape route having panic bar hardware provided on the door. The inspection door for electrical shafts/ducts shall be not less than 2hrs. For other services shafts/ducts, the same shall have fire resistance not less than 1hr.
4.2.9 Fire doors with 2hrs resistance shall be provided at appropriate places along the escape route and particularly at the entrance to lift lobby and stair well where a ‘funnel or flue effect’ may be created, inducting an upward spread of fire to prevent spread of fire and smoke.
4.9.10 (b) For building 15 min. height or more, access to main staircase shall be through a fire/smoke check door of a minimum 2 hrs fire resistance  rating. Fire resistance rating may be reduced to 1 hr for residential buildings (except hotels and starred hotels)
4.12.2 A horizontal exit shall be equipped with at least one fire/smoke door of minimum 1 hr fire resistance, of self-closing type. Further, it is required to have direct connectivity to the fire escape staircase for evacuation. Doors leading to rooms in which flammable liquids are stored or used shall be self-closing and shall be posted with a sign on each side of the door in 25mm high block letters stating “FIRE DOOR – KEEP CLOSED”
Annex C-1.5 (h) Exit from the lift lobby, if located in the core of the building, shall be through a self-closing smoke stop door of Half an Hour fire resistance.
Annex C-1.6.2 The staircase of basements shall be of enclosed type having fire resistance of not less than 2 hrs and shall be entered at ground level only from the open air and in such positions that smoke from any fire in the basement shall not obstruct any exit serving the ground and upper stores of the building and shall communicate with basement through a lobby provided with fire resisting self-closing doors of 1 hr fire resistance.
Annex C-1.9 (a) Service ducts and shafts shall be enclosed by walls of 2 hrs and doors of 1 hr fire rating. All such ducts/shafts shall be properly sealed and fire stopped at all four levels.
Annex C-1.18 (c) Entry to this room shall be provided with a composite door of 2 hrs fire resistance (Boiler Room’s).