Fire Rated Glass Doors Series

SCHOTT – Germany:

PYRAN S – Multifunctionality in fir protection

PYRAN S is pre-stressed, monolithic borosilicate singlepane safety glass in accordance with EN 13024-1. As a component in fire-resistant glazing that meets the requirements of resistance classes E 30, F 60, E 90 and E 120, it has proven its outstanding optical and mechanical characteristics over the years in a wide variety of buildings.
PYRAN Platinum – floated glass ceramic for fire resistant glazing 

PYRAN Platinum the worlds first and only floated glass ceramic for fire resistant glazing. ®As UL-certified glass ceramic PYRAN Platinum meets even the highest US standards. This requires that the glass withstand thermal shock immediately following exposure to extremely high temperature. In the test, the hot glass is blasted with cold water at a very high pressure from a fire hose. Only glass ceramic is able to withstand such extremes in temperature difference. ®PYRAN Platinum offers fire protection up to 120 min in windows and 180 min in doors.