Fire Rated Acoustic Door Series

Acoustic Heavy Duty

Fully Adjustable Door Sealing SystemPAGE-7-i

An effective combination of seals for butt hinged doors in situations requiring a consistently high acoustic performance rating (such as in music rooms, plant rooms and ante-rooms in broadcasting facilities), and where these ratings must be maintained by an adjustment facility is;

A. Door Frame: RP24

B. Door Bottom Seal: RP38 (plain meeting stiles)

C. Astragal: RP16 or RP71 if both leaves are active Threshold Plate: RP66 optional


77mm thick Acoustic Cum Fire/smoke Check Door of 60/120 minutes Fire Rating for Auditorium

DOOR FRAME: Wooden Door Frame of section 145mm x 75mm or 95mm with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of size 10mm x 4mm Twino Type Astroflame U. K.) and acoustic seal Raven RP24.

DOOR SHUTTER: 77mm thick having 38 dB acoustic cum fire door of 60 / 120 min. fire rating having infill of 47mm thick 3resin bonded glasswool of 24 Kg /M density coated with FR acrylic sealant sandwiched between two 9mm thick Starpan 3calcium silicate boards a 100% without asbestos, Brucite and Meerschaum having a density not less than 1150 Kg/M and thermal conductivity 0.14 W/m*K faced with 6mm thick commercial ply with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of size 10mm x 4mm mounted in the grooves having teakwood lipping and Raven RP38 as door bottom seal with RP16 an astragal seal.