SUKRITI - An organization specialized in the field of Passive Fire Protection which specializes in manufacturing and marketing of “SUKRI” brand Metallic & Non Metallic Fire Doors upto 120 Minutes Fire Rating.

  • Stability

    The door or assembly shall withstand the prescribed fire exposure and effectively close an opening and remain in place.

  • Integrity

    The ability of a specimen of the separating element to contain #  fire to specified criteria from collapse, freedom # from holes, cracks and fissures and sustained flarning on the unexposed face.

  • Insulation

    The door or assembly shall withstand the prescribed fire exposure without the mean temperature of the exposed face rising to more than 140 °C initial ambient temperature.

Fire Testing Temperature


Type of Products

  • Fire Rated wooden doors series

    We have wide range of products in Fire Rated wooden doors series of section 145mm x 70mm. The intumescent sealant is used to fill the gaps between board and internal wooden lipping.

  • Fire Rated Metal Doors Series

    We have wide range of products in Metal Fire Door Series in 46mm, 55mm & 65mm thick composite Metal with 60, 120 minutes Fire Rating.

  • Fire Rated Glass Doors series

    We have wide range of products in Fire resistant glazing with PYRAN protection, against the spread of fire, hot gases and smoke. Even under high thermal loads, the glazing stays transparent, ensuring that the burning building can be safely evacuated.

  • Fire Rated Acoustic Doors Series

    We have wide range of products in Fire Rated Acoustic  Door Series in 145mm, 75mm & 95mm with heat activated intumescent fire seal strip of size 10mm x 10mm x 4mm Twino type Astroflame U.K & acoustic seal Raven RP24.

Top 5 Reasons to buy SUKRI Products

Although there are various reasons to buy our products following are the top 5 reasons to go with us.

  1. BS / IS / ISO/ EN Certified Products

    Sukri products have certification to BS / IS / ISO / EN which not only prevents  the occurrence of fire but also # its propagation, minimizing damage / loss of human lives and property. These # are mandatory as per # NBC and FIRE SAFETY ACT OF INDIA.

  2. Registered SSI UNIT

    Sukri is permanently registered SSI UNIT with DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIES (Haryana) for carrying out manufacturing of Fire Doors and Fire Retardant Coating since 1997.

  3. Testing and R & D Facilities

    SUKRI Paints & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd has in-house R & D Laboratory to develop and upgrade the Passive Fire Protection Technology. The R & D facility at our works include full size FURNACE where the performance of Fire Doors and Fire Proof Materials can be tested.

  4. Fully Insulated Fire Doors

    Sukri Fire Doors are fully insulated and have been tested as per IS:3809 – 1979, ISO: 834 – 1975, IS: 3614 (Part II) – 1992 and BS: 476 (Part 20 & 22) – 1987 under live fire conditions from CBRI Roorkee for Stability, Integrity and Insulation for 30, 60 and 120 min. Fire Rating.

  5. Fire Retardant Coating

    SUKRI Fire Retardant Coatings has been tested as per IS: 162; IS: 10810; IEC: 331 & 332 and to BS: 476 Part 5, 6, 7.

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